1. Before and after each meeting, return clean cups to the members’ cup board or kitchen cabinet.
  2. Before and after each meeting, load the dishwasher with dirty cups, and run dishwasher if full, or wash cups by hand if dishwasher is not available.
  3. Coffee Brewing Instructions:
    A. Remove funnel.
    B. Insert a coffee filter into the funnel.
    C. Pour the contents of a fresh coffee packet into the filter and level the bed of grounds by gently shaking.
    D. Slide the funnel into the funnel rails.
    E. Place an empty decanter under the funnel.
    F. Place the bottom warmer switch in the lighted position.
    G. Momentarily press and release the start switch.
    H. When brewing is completed, discard the grounds and filter, and move the decanter to the top warmer.
    I. Turn off warmers when not in use.